Happy Birthday Henri Boy

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Hello everyone. 


So this is not real estate related. IT'S EVEN BETTER! My beautiful, handsome boy Henri is 1 years old!!! 


I got Henri from Missouri when he was 12 weeks old. I flew him into Denver and will never forget how adorable this little guy was/is.

Henri is a Harlequin, Great Dane with the most crystal blue eyes. I chose this picture because of the very unique heart on the top of his head. That was the first thing I noticed when I pulled this little fellow out of his create for the first time. I often wondered if it would change or lose it's heart shape. I'm pretty confident that it is there to stay :-)

How did I come up with the name Henri?


Well, I'm going to be completely honest here. Ha. So I had a few cool, tough names picked out for him. Tank! Was one of them, pretty cool huh? I mean, he's a great dane, he's going to be huge, AND he's a Harlequin.  

So I facetimed all 5 of my daughters after sending them the pictures that I received from the breeder. I let them know of the new addition to the family. All were excited and asked what I was going to name him. I paused for a minute or so when I heard one of my granddaughters, Anastassiya, 5 years old at the time say in the background, "Nonna", (thats what my grandchildren call me) "Nonna, that's easy, his name is going to be Henri... " I was like, uuuhhhhh ok, where did you here that name Anastassiya? She then shrugs her shoulders so innocently and says " I don't know Nonna"you know, I was probably irritating her now haha


So Henri it is. The name fits him well for I see him as an old soul and he looks a little grumpy all the time haha The name fits him well.

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Henri, Happy Birthday to you! #WeAreJaris #pattinixoncastlerockrealtor