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NAR Settlement and FAKE NEWS! Just because it’s on the news doesn’t make it true.   For my buyers, here is some information for you.
1. Do I have to pay you directly now?
NO! Buyer’s agents used to only have one way to be paid, now we
have four ways! The NAR settlement did NOT remove the ability for sellers
to offer compensation. It is just the way it is disclosed that changed.
2. How do you get paid now?
There are four ways we are compensated now:
A. Through a traditional offer of compensation
B. Seller concession
C. Worked into the offer price
D. OR we can be paid directly by the buyer
3. How will I know how this will be worked out?
Your agent will talk with any listing agent you wish to make an offer
on to find out the sellers’ preferred method of buyers agent compensation.
We will work hard to ensure the easiest and most effective method to
ensure your proper representation is compensated.
Why it is SO IMPORTANT for YOU to
have Buyers Agent representation:
1. Your agent knows your rights under real estate law
and can protect them from the start of the search.
Think of going to court. You wouldn’t want to go to
court without a lawyer, would you? This is the
same when you are making the largest purchase of
your life!
2. Your agent can advise YOUR best interest and
warn you of things to watch out for. A listing agent
can ONLY work in the best interest of the seller.
3. With the complexity of a real estate contract, your
agent can guide you to ensure all details of the
transaction will be followed by both parties to a
successful close.
4. Your agent can offer significant tools and a big
network of contractors and support to provide
more expert service during the home buying
— HomeSmart