Popular Home Renovation Trends for 2023

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Popular Home Renovation Trends for 2023
Home renovations are as popular as ever. Many homeowners are choosing to improve their current home instead of moving. Here are a some trends to watch for in 2023.
1. Energy Updates
Homeowners are going green and will be looking for ways to increase their home efficiency with cost-cutting upgrades like better windows, better insulation, and solar panels. Federal and state incentives often help defer the costs.
2. Bathroom and kitchen updates
Bathroom and kitchen renovations are as popular as ever. Not only do they deliver the best return on investment, they also make the home more functional and improve the livability.
3. Catching up on delayed repairs
Some homeowners are skipping high-dollar renovations and instead repairing and doing small fixes to their homes. Painting, upgrading lighting, and giving homes minor facelifts is a popular way to maintain your home while avoiding breaking the bank.
4. Keeping safety in mind
Homeowners are looking for new ways to protect their homes from natural disasters that are often associated with climate change. With extreme weather events on the rise, homeowners are opting for maintenance and repair projects that take the risks into account.
5. Outdoor living
The pandemic has many homeowners looking for ways to make more useful and functional outdoor spaces. Decks, patios, and porches are great ways to improve your outdoor living spaces to turn your home into a sanctuary.