Try these tips to keep your holidays stress-free!

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Regular Priorities I don't know about you but I struggle to keep a regular workout routine on a normal, non holiday day. UGH 

I have noticed if I start my day out with making my bed, drinking a glass of water before my coffee and taking a walk, nothing major, just a walk, I feel amazing! I feel like I can conquer the world. Sooooooo why don't I do this daily? hmmm I make up excuses like I'm to busy, I need to clean my house, I have to show to many homes today. Well, I'd do ALL these thing 100% better if I only stuck to my routine. #GOALS :-)


LISTS!!!!! My favorite! I always make lists. They make me happy. I most always check everything off my list. #organize 


Christmas Budget???? What's that? hahah I'm guilty of over spending for sure. Christmas makes me smile. I love to help single moms around the holidays as I am a single mom with 5 daughters and now 8 grandchildren. I remember when I didn't know how I was going to feed them let alone if I would be able to get them a Christmas gift :-( So I always help out single moms even if I'm not having the best year financially. I believe that even when I'm over spending, that everyone in my life knows the true meaning of Christmas because of course we would not have this joyous holiday season if it weren't for Jesus Christs birth. #Blessed